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This is a master project of some experiments with Neural Networks. Every project here is runnable, visualized and explained clearly.

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The Basics

Start your Deep Learning journey with simple problems

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Learn a Line

Train a neuron to learn line equation

Computer Vision

Visualize and learn Computer Vision models from basic classifiers to complex vision problems

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Learn how neural networks are trained on text

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Reinforcement Learning

Learn how models are trained to play games from basic to state-of-the-art methods

  • Policy Gradients
  • Deep Q
  • MCTS
  • AlphaZero
  • MuZero
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Unpublished Papers

  • DisCease: Evolving Social Distancing And Herd Immunity

    Abstract: I tried to create a model that simulates the spread of a disease that does not have a medicine. I observed the effects of varying parameters, then introduced a concept of deflections which mimic social distancing and social gatherings. I finally made an attempt to evolve these deflections based on a performance metric.

    DisCease: Evolving Social Distancing And Herd ImmunityImage
  • A Brief Survey of Model-Free Deep Reinforcement Learning

    Abstract: Deep Reinforcement Learning is a branch of machine learning techniques that is used to find out the best possible path given a situation. It is an interesting domain of algorithms ranging from basic multi-arm bandit problems to playing complex games like Dota 2. This paper surveys the research work on model-free approaches to deep reinforcement learning like Deep Q Learning, Policy Gradients, Actor-Critic methods and other recent advancements.

    A Brief Survey of Model-Free Deep Reinforcement LearningImage

More to come

Computer Vision

  • Find All Numbers

  • Dense Cap


  • Attention, Attention!

  • Style, Please

  • Style, Please V2

Natural Language Processing

  • What Genre - Attention

  • Segment Highlighter

  • Action Assistant

  • Next Sentence

Reinforcement Learning

  • Dodger

Unsupervised Learning

  • AutoEncoder

  • Self-Organizing Feature Maps

  • Memorize Please


  • Spiking Neurons

  • MNIST Detection Dataset

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